Terms and conditions for nimunimunimu.com

In uploading an image to the site, the uploading party uploading the image acknowleges and agrees to all of the following:

1. All images uploaded by the uploading party adhere to the acceptable use policy.

2. Failure on part of the uploading party to adhere to the acceptable use policy may result in their uploaded image being removed from the website, without a refund being issued.

3. In the event of an image being removed for failing to adhere to the acceptable use policy, the webmaster's decision is final.

4. An uploading party is not allowed to upload more than one free image per day.

5. An uploading party's IP address will be logged when they upload an image. This is to ensure that users do not attempt to upload more than one free image per day, and to enable us to provide the authorities with forensic information if any obscene material is uploaded.

6. The site operates on UTC (+0). Adverts will activate and expire at midnight, as defined by UTC time.

7. As the uploaded images are displayed in a virtual environment, the uploading party must acknowledge and, not object to, the fact that their images will not always be clearly visible, depending on the angle that the site visitor has set the camera to, and any objects that may occlude them. The combination of these things may result in full or partial occlusion, and distortions in perspective.

8. The website uses modern technologies (including WebGL and ES6) that are not supported on some devices and browsers. Therefore, the uploading party must accept that the application may not run well, or at all in certain environments, and that as a result of this, their uploaded images may not be visible. Officially supported browsers are: Google Chrome 69 and above, and Mozilla Firefox 54 and above. Most up-to-date standards compliant mobile browsers should render the app well, but please note that they are not officially supported, and some visual or behavioural artefacts may be present when the app is accessed via such devices. Some machines with low computational power (such as old computers, and small form-factor computers) may perform poorly when rendering 3D graphics in the browser, resulting in artefacts such as low frame rates and slow input processing.

9. Some computers and devices that are used to access the site sit behind local networks that cache resources. (i.e. Images, sounds, video clips, 3D models). Some devices cache such resources themselves. The web app has some control over device-based caching systems, and will invalidate device caches to the extent this is possible. However, the app does not have any degree of control over some local network caching mechanisms, or device settings. Any caching mechanisms such as the ones previously listed here may stop new posters from appearing to site visitors until the relevant caches are cleared, and the app cannot be held accountable for aggressive caching mechanisms that create this effect.

10. Any outstanding monetary balance must be paid in full 15 minutes after uploading an image. If this condition is not met, the latent order will be cancelled, and the slot will be freed up for use by other site visitors.